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Fleet Details

One of the biggest cost of having an auto fleet is maintaining it. You need to keep the cars clean and polished, as well as ensuring they’re properly fueled up for their next big adventure! That’s where we come in – with our expertise on detailing vehicles so you don’t have any worries about saving money or time while your company grows at breakneck speeds because people love driving around town seeing all those shiny new faces everywhere…

Auto fleet detailing and car wash services for Boston area businesses. All of our workers are fully trained to provide you with the highest level clean possible, no matter how big or small your vehicle needs may be!
We understand that every company has different standards when it comes down their specific type vehicles so we always make sure each customer is satisfied regardless if they have one worker who does everything by hand.

Detailing for clients includes everything from vacuuming the carpets to washing and preserving them. There are many different types of detail services, but one thing is certain-it’s time consuming!
The most common way people want their vehicle detailed is by having its interior cleanliness improved as well as removing any dirt or grime on exterior surfaces such like paintwork that can be done using chemicals specifically designed with this task in mind.”

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